4 Easy Tips on Personal Essay Writing

College admission is near at hand and all high school seniors are busy mastering their writing skills for the first important task in their lives - college admission essay. This piece of writing aims to show whether you are fit enough for a particular college and if your ideas and outlooks match with the philosophy of the chosen educational establishment. Many students use personal essay writing service online, but for those who want to impress the admissions committee with their own background and skills, we’ve prepared four useful tips to write a winning college essay.

1. Choose your favorite topic

Something you've been doing for years and can discuss non-stop. Think about your passions and memorable experiences connected with them. Choose the subject with the biggest potential to become a great story. You’ll be surprised how comfortable and natural it feels to expand on your hobbies, traveling experience or favorite movie director. If the subject can introduce you to the admissions officer and make you stand out among the other applicants, give it a chance to become your personal statement.


2. Hook the reader with a catchy beginning

Remember, when you don’t like how something starts, you are unlikely to finish that at all. A book with a rather dragged opening may turn you off, whereas an exciting and somewhat mysterious beginning has an immediate effect, holding readers’ attention until the very end. So must be your personal statement. Admissions officers look through thousands of essays, and it’s essential to sound really exclusive and memorable. Start with a witty joke or a philosophical quotation, ask a question like ‘Have you ever…?’ - these tricks create a good engagement with the reader.
Don’t forget, that people remember bright and vivid emotions best, and if your story is able to evoke some strong feelings, consider it a success!

3. Ask yourself why something matters

Let your essay show how particular life events teach you something new, show the world in another shining or help you develop in a certain way. Ask yourself what you’ve learned from the past and what impact it’s had on your life beliefs.

Actions and behaviors in specific situations display your personal ideals and moral principles. Failing to express this point will not reveal your personality in the best light.


4. Listen to your story

The last tip from our personal essay help guide is an effective way to check your final document. Needless to mention about grammar and spell checking, but reading your essay out loud will reveal less obvious mistakes in logical structure and vocabulary choice. If you stumble over or run out of breath while reading a sentence, it’s probably too long and should be broken into parts. Make sure the transitions between the paragraphs are smooth and interconnected. Use advanced vocabulary when a whole sentence can be explained by one term. Once your story looks coherent and neat, it signals that you’ve done some great job.